Windows 8.1 Music Production Tweaks

I’ve posted videos from Rain Computers before1.  Sadly, Rain UK has shuttered its doors.  Fortunately, Rain UK has been reborn as Molten Music Technology and they plan to keep on keeping on2.

Anyway, in the below video the Molten guys go over tweaks that they suggest to optimize your Windows 8.1 PC for music production duty.  These seem like good steps to optimize any PC for music production duty, actually.

Posted from my Windows 8.1 PC

  1. And before I was a contributor to this site, I think Jay posted videos that I sent to him from Rain Computers
  2. I’m not sure how that affects Rain US, but from my reading of the situation, you’re just SOL as Molten has taken over Rain UK’s warranty responsibilities, but not the US branch which they will “try to help out as much as they can.”

By G. Edward Jones

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