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I have what can best be described as very low level carpentry skills.  They’re the types of skills learned after DIY/HGTV convinced my wife that any home improvement project could be completed in 22 minutes plus commercials, usually without proper tools.  I am probably not the person you should come to for advice on how to make much of anything unless it’s a mini-ramp or something involving butt joints.

I don’t even pretend to solder.

Benjamin J. Heckendorn

Benjamin J. Heckendorn

This guy, however…

Ben Heck is a rockstar of the “maker” community and after the break he’s going to turn his sights on the guitar.

But first, we’re going to go on a mission from God…in Lego.

First up, Mr. Heck creates a MIDI controller guitar.  If you were around in the 90s, you may remember the Starr Guitar as that thing that Alan Holdsworth started playing instead of something with strings.  Vernon Reid was also pictured with it on occasion.  However, it’s most visible user is “Future Man” Wooten of Bèla Fleck and the Flecktones, who uses it as a drum controller.

In the below video Ben Heck creates his version

Next up, Mr. Heck and crew build a guitar for someone who’s lost the use of an arm.  I never gave much thought to the possibility of a one handed guitar, but here one is.

And now that you’ve been inspired, or at least managed to procrastinate for an hour, time for you to go to work.