For your Sunday hangover, you need to go on the terrifying journey that is the combination of metal and jazz.  Why?  Because it’s out there and identifying a problem is the first step toward correcting it.

When you think heavy metal jazz, the obvious direction is prog.  Prog is neither metal nor jazz.  It often takes the worst from each, as we see here.

Of course, we can’t forget the guy who is on the mount Rushmore of prog, Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs.  They’re definitely a lot easier to swallow.  Bonus points for them putting on a very watchable live show.  I saw them much later in their years (2001 maybe?) and they still showed good signs of life on stage.  Every prog band that spends 90 minutes on stage staring intently at their fingers, take note.

Getting away from prog, this is a rather awkward combination of the two genres.  You might think jazz and metal are like oil and water, unable to mix.  Well, that’s how this piece plays out.  Still, some very cool concepts going on here.  Also, 14 string lefty guitar.  That was not purchased at Sam Ash.

The Ukrainian take on things…

This is one of the more interesting renditions.  I wish there was a better recording of it.  The bassist sounds a lot like he’s playing upright bass stuff through a Hartke.  Guitarist goes through a lot of brassy lines in there and gives props to Scott Henderson.  At this point in the journey, I have no idea if it’s good or not anymore… my mind is mush and I like it!

To close it off, someone who has made quite a career mixing the two.