This Week in Gear – 11.21.2013

Despite the binding nature of the name of this post, I’m not sure this will be a weekly feature. Hopefully there will be enough gear news to keep it up – but that depends on the folks making stuff.

As it goes with Daft Paragon, we’re trying to make your life easier. We’ve already got your Christmas list covered, and now we’re helping out the early adopters out there who have to have the newest gear before everyone else. So here’s what’s new and interesting.

Peavey Iron Man Guitar Contest

No, you can’t buy it, but maybe you can win it.  Tough to get excited about it as a player, but for something unique to hang on your wall?  Seems like a winner.1


Bias iPad-based Amp Modeler from Positive Grid

These things confuse me a bit.  We’ve debated the amp modeling thing here before, and it’s left me still afraid of ever playing my Line6 in a live setting… but this is a whole different market.  They push the ability to interface with Garage Band, so I’d assume it’s meant to turn your i-device into a more powerful recording station.  Well, maybe “idea capturing” station is a more apt wording.  I am not buying the mobile version of Garage Band as a suitable means for recording music for distribution – so I suppose it’s just meant to structure ideas and help you practice / not forget shit.  And if the folks at Positive Grid are making it a better experience, then I can get behind that.  I’d still rather plug into an amp and not experience everything through headphones, but I certainly understand what it’s like to live in an apartment.2


Takamine G Series Classical & Acoustic Bass Guitars

I’m not a Takamine fan historically, but I am excited when you can get real wood on acoustics that sell for under $500.3  And while even the internet seems unsure of what to do with an acoustic bass, getting one on the cheap is always good.


That’s all for this week – as with everything I do on this site, I’ll try to do better next time!

  1. Or you can turn it around on eBay with an insanely high reserve and watch the internet demonize you.
  2. that was a TERRIBLE synopsis of this product – but again, I don’t really get it.  I probably am nowhere near the target customer, so I don’t want to just default to crapping on it because it confuses me.
  3. Highest MSRP on the classical series is $585