Ho! Ho! Oh Crap, Look at that Visa bill!!!!

Ho! Ho! Oh Crap, Look at that Visa bill!!!!

In the second part of our ongoing series leading up to Debtcember Day Zero1.  I make up for the lack of demo copies of stuff at the Daft Paragon Doomsday Survival Compound by gently ribbing companies that would provide said free things, thus probably making it harder for Generalissimo Ratkowski to develop “can we review your stuff without having a deep bank account” relationships2.

Oh Well.

Agile Interceptor Seven String Hard Tail

septorpro725ebcpwhite1Rondo Music has made a name for themselves  by making low cost, relatively high quality alternatives to the “name” brands.  Made in the same factory(ies?) as the Korean sourced models from people you have heard of, they’re usually a professional set up and maybe a pickup swap from being pretty good guitars.  Also, if you’re left handed, they will look out for you.

Daft Paragon Says

Except for that “value proposition” thing.  You can get a similarly spec’ed Ibanez RGA seven string for exactly the same price (the IBZ is bolt on, rather than neck through, but has active pickups instead of the Agile’s passives so, it’s probably a wash).  At the high end of their range, Agile’s stop being so much a “more affordable alternative” and become “real money.”  That being said, if you’re looking for a fancy, left handed, Les Paul clone for less than a grand, this is your place.

Fender Modern Player HSH Strat86ceb3c861ac3d7b0737b2ccde488ca3

Anderton’s Music’s house brand, Chapman Guitars, offers a guitar called the “Cap10” which is modeled after “Captain” Lee Anderton’s3 custom shop Fender Strat.  It’s mahogany with HSH pickups and…yeah, it’s basically this guitar except white.  Coming in at just over $400 street (because taxes and shipping are a thing).  Of the two, this one is the value proposition. (if you’re keen on spending more money, Fender makes a “Blacktop” version that streets for $100 more and has an alder body)

 Daft Paragon Says

My next Fender…Unless I score another Showmaster.

Chapman Guitars ML-1 Bea

ml1bea1Continuing to confuse me as I’m positive that at one point Chapman Guitars got a C&D from Dean over using “ML” the ML-1 Bea is Rabea Masaad’s signature guitar.  “Who is Rabea Masaad,” you ask? He is the lead guitarist of Dorje, the band fronted by Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars.

Nepotism, folks, nepotism.

Apparently this was the most heavily prototyped of any of the Chapman Guitars signature guitars.  While I would have stopped one version prior4 if you’re looking for a set neck, dual humbucker, floyd equipped guitar that won’t break the bank, this one is pretty damn pretty.

Daft Paragon Says

You want to like the Washburn Nx guitars, but you can’t get with the squished waist and scaled down size.  I’m not joking at all, that’s exactly what this guitar is. Rabea is a huge Nuno fan, he’s also not a small boy, this is the N4 for those of us without Nuno’s waifish frame.

Jackson JS King V

2910123577_frt_wmd_001Originally designed for Ratt’s Robin “King” Crosby by using the long horn of the Rhoads twice to make a V that didn’t look stupid small on his 6’5″ frame.  The King V is a staple of heavy metal.  Everyone has played them at one time or another.  This particular version is cheaper than what you’re used to.

Daft Paragon Says

Schwing! But, a bolt on neck V seems like a bad idea.  But schwing! But, seriously, a bolt-on V seems like heartache waiting to happen.  This is the guitar equivalent of dating a stripper.

Epiphone 1984 Explorer

AW_SplashThe Epiphone version of possibly the most iconic guitar in all of modern metal.  Who could forget it’s classic turn in the hands of Bobby Gustafson in New York Jersey’s finest band, M.O.D. Overkill’s “Hello From the Gutter” video?5

It’s even available in Black6

Daft Paragon Says

Obey your master!

  1. Christmas Day, although you might be in for it if you’re particularly generous come Chanukah as well
  2. I am, apparently, a bag of feminine hygiene product that walks like a man.
  3. Of Anderton’s Music
  4. I don’t always use a tone control, but when I do, I like it to exist.
  5. Not the first time I’ve used that joke on the internet.
  6. Album