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From Around The Web 11.11.2013


I am a guitarist who started in the 80s.  One of the things that all guitarists in the 80s could do is sweep pick.  Except, not all of us, because I suck at it.  I mean, I’m absolutely terrible at sweep picking.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I. am. rubbish.

I believe it’s because I have no appreciation for Yngwie at all1, However, as the kids2 say, “YOLO.”  Which, to be honest I usually go heavy on the toppings.  The Mrs., however, is usually much more interested in the yogurt3.

Anyway, on the other side of the break are instructions on how to use Skwissgar Skwigelf’s favorite technique.


I don’t know who this kid is, but I never thought of alternate picking first to get your sweep picking solid.  It’s actually pretty smart

Apparently this video shows you how to make sweep picking mistakes.  I don’t understand why you’d put out a video on how to do something wrong.  But I’m also confused by country music by people who don’t have some variation of my accent or why a guy with a bunch of country playing in the background is going on about sweep picking….Actually, this is some pretty solid advice, listen to it.

The beginning of this video is basically how I feel about sweep picking4.  Guitar Master Class always has some good videos.  You’d do well to subscribe to their channel.

The idea for this was actually inspired by this video.  So, here is Rob Chapman in a video you’ve already seen, because that guy has like forty gajillion TouTewbs subscribers and about three people are reading this.  Two if you don’t count me.  Also, what he did to that guitar makes me want to burn another one.  I have an idea of a burned burst…

Finally, for people like me who don’t have a lot of sweep picking aptitude  there’s always playing arpeggios on single strings.  Here, Tony Rohrbough (from the best band West Virginia has ever produced) gives you some wide interval ideas.  If you’ve got big hands and find it easier to play scales in “uncompressed” patterns (the more whole steps the better) this is for you.  And by “you” I mean “me.”

That’s it for this week, kids.  Go back to work

  1. Look, despite how much fookin’ fury he unleashed, he only ever unleashed one, maybe two good songs per album.
  2. And The Simpsons
  3. That’s “FROYO”
  4. Except for the part about the “peeny weeny”

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