Big D Guitars Tap Tones

I would only use it to prepare vegetables, never raw meat.
I would only use it to prepare vegetables, never raw meat.

I used to hang out on back in the day.  My never ending RG project was, in fact, the first picture of a project guitar uploaded to the PG forums (and then the forum software got hacked or corrupted and had to be re-installed and all was lost and I became a sad panda).  I don’t remember Big D Guitars, but I don’t remember a lot of things.

Ohhhh, stripey!
Ohhhh, stripey!

I actually stumbled across Big D Guitars when looking for a sunburst tutorial1.  I’m not sure what made me stick around, because I’d found a lot of sunburst tutorials2 but I’m glad I did, because, tap tone videos.

A few months ago TBDGG3 started putting up videos of various woods and explaining his experience with working with them and demonstrating the “tap tone”4 of each wood.

Watched, as I did, one at a time, every day after work, the videos are not that useful.  However, watched (more or less) back to back you get a pretty good comparison of what sounds like what in relation to what.  So, because I’m a real mensch, the videos as of this point (it’s a lot):

  1. Because the never ending RG project demanded a sunburst, until it didn’t.
  2. A lot of sunburst tutorials.
  3. That would be “The Big D Guitars Guy” I’m trying to coin my own annoying acronym like “EVOO”
  4. That would be the one of the wood while being tapped.  Completely non-intuitive, I know.

By G. Edward Jones

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