I have a fascination with Chinese knockoffs born mostly of my being cheap.  Well, not just cheap, but cheap and non-gigging.  Since I don’t gig, “roadworthiness” doesn’t factor into my purchasing decision.  Also, since I don’t gig my only Return on Investment is “fun.”  No guitar I ever buy will ever make me money, so that’s completely removed from the equation.  Also, the fun of a cheap guitar is the ability to tear it down and build it back up without worry.

All of that makes Chinese guitars very interesting to me.

That being said, I can’t get around the whole “buying a rip-off of someone else’s guitars” thing.  I mean, there are some rationalizations.  For instance, I’m not taking any food off the table of an ESP line worker by buying a Chinese knockoff of the old diamond plate JH-2 or the Ouija Board guitars (themselves, ironically, cancelled because of copyright violation claims).  Neither of those guitars can be bought new and cost a metric crap tonne1 on the used market.

That being said, that’s mostly a rationalization and not a very good one.  If I was left handed, maybe2, because those guys get sca-reeewwwwwed.  Otherwise, I think my personal morality will keep me away from knowingly purchasing counterfeit guitars.

That all being said, this week, The Dirty South Daft Paragon Office presents you with Perspectives on Chinese Guitars3

YouTube User PixxyLixx (really?) is appears to really enjoy Chinese knockoffs from a buy ’em cheap, drop a hundred or two into them and then have a replica of a much, much more expensive guitar for under $500

China Guitar Sceptic appears to be exactly what his name says, also Australian4.  He has a whole channel dedicated to figuring out if Chinese guitars are any good5

Here we have a fake PRS (“PRLess”) straight out of the box.

JoeDocMusic compares a sub $100 Chinese Strat copy to an American Strat.  This does not end well…

A quick comparison of a ’59 Les Paul re-issue and a Chinese copy.  It seems like the bread and butter of the Chinese fakes industry is fake Les Pauls.

One man’s tale of getting screwed when buying a Chinese copy.  It’s hard to believe that someone who’s business model is “build replica of another company’s product, sell it as if it were the real thing for ridiculously cheap,” would not have high moral fiber.

More Les Paul comparisons…always with the Les Paul comparisons

One of those Chinese copies that I’ve half justified myself into buying

And also this one…

I think you’ve wasted enough time now.  Get to work.

  1. That is, roughly 80% of a metric shit tonne
  2. I think a large portion of Rondo’s business plan is “make affordable, left handed Les Paul knockoffs”
  3. And one automotive video that has absolutely nothing to do with them.
  4. They should just rename YouTube “the place for Australian videos
  5. Spoiler: sometimes