Strymon BigSky – That’s a Lot of Reverb!

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Strymon recently announced the release of their latest way-more-effects-than-you-can-handle-in-one unit1, the BigSky Reverb.  Like the Timeline and Mobius, it has numerous variations along a theme.  In this case, it’s twelve unique reverbs.

Reverb doesn’t get a lot of attention among guitarists, so the success of this unit will be interesting to follow.  It will be especially curious whether it’s something that serves as an upgrade over traditional stomp boxes, or if there are people out there buying an M3000 for guitar that pick the BigSky instead.

Either way, you can pre-order it from Strymon as of this posting.  Check out the video below for a nice introduction.

  1. Multi-effect seems like a dirty word
  • Murph

    This could prove to be a dangerous machine. One of those devices that makes everybody sound really good. Really good and the same. That being said; Strymon to me is like the street sweeper of guitar effect producers. + / –

    Would people use this live? In the studio? What would be the benefit of using a BigSKy in the studio when proper studios already have racks of uber quality rack gear available? Then again, proper studios are not available to 99% of the population (Unless Dave Grohl invites you over to use his new Sound Studio board). Strymon seems to be outboard gear in a pedal format, meeting two extremes in the middle. Where does it fit?

    Their compressor for instance. A Urei 1178 is close to the top of the food-chain at 1500.00. It also has less knobs (and features) than the Strymon STOMP BOX.

    Where does their stuff fit?

    • Some great points, Murph. The other point is, even if the studio gear had more features, the Strymon stuff is infinitely easier to use.

      But still, I don’t think reverb is something we need more of…

      • Jesus

        I’m not a guitarist exactly. I’m in a two piece ambient outfit. My friend plays guitar, I play a synth and sampler sometimes playing guitar into the sampler. The BigSky and pedals like this are a Godsend. I don’t have anything close to a proper studio, I need a lot of reverb in a small space, and we play live.

        Hardware electronic musicians who play live love this stuff. For guitar maybe it’s overkill, but I don’t think so. The tones are beautiful. If you like stuff like MBV it can make all those sounds.

        • Hey Jesus – that’s an awesome point. As a guitar-centric blog, we forget about basically everything that isn’t revolving around guitar (like all guitarists tend to do, haha). Would love to hear what kind of sounds your making with the BigSky – or whatever reverb box you’re using.