Strymon BigSky – That’s a Lot of Reverb!

BigSky   Multidimensional Reverberator   Reverb Pedal » strymon

Strymon recently announced the release of their latest way-more-effects-than-you-can-handle-in-one unit1, the BigSky Reverb.  Like the Timeline and Mobius, it has numerous variations along a theme.  In this case, it’s twelve unique reverbs.

Reverb doesn’t get a lot of attention among guitarists, so the success of this unit will be interesting to follow.  It will be especially curious whether it’s something that serves as an upgrade over traditional stomp boxes, or if there are people out there buying an M3000 for guitar that pick the BigSky instead.

Either way, you can pre-order it from Strymon as of this posting.  Check out the video below for a nice introduction.

  1. Multi-effect seems like a dirty word