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CATS: Not Around The Web

“Wait, what?!?!?!?!?!” the two of you who regularly check in on Monday morning to view the guitar equivalent of cats doing things are probably saying. 1 Sorry for that, but the portion of the Daft Paragon team who is responsible for scouring the internet for interesting and mock worthy guitar videos was busy this weekend.

I got my boots...dusty.

I was busy announcing the Special Olympics horse show 2.  They even had me MC the opening ceremonies 3 Which is to say that outside of emailing El Commandante Ratkowski a picture of me in my cowboy hat, I didn’t give a single thought to Daft Paragon or guitars or music in general, for the better part of three days 4

It was glorious.

I think it’s safe to say that guitarists can become obsessive.  I mean, anyone can become obsessive, but the very nature of the guitar with it’s maze of an interface and near infinite tonal possibilities it seems to reward obsessiveness the way that few other instruments do. 5 Because of this I think it’s good for you, the guitarist to occasionally just drop out of guitar playing. I’m not saying walk away from it for months at a time.  Maybe just for a day or week or two.6

Walk away from it for long enough that you have to figure some things out again, so that things that were rote to you aren’t rote anymore.  Go, get some life experience in there that you can bring to the table.  Do I think that Steve Vai would have been an appreciably worse guitar player had he had a seven hour practice regimen instead of a 10 hour one?  Probably not.  Would he have had a more well rounded teenage life?  Almost certainly.7

So what I’m saying is, I love guitar.  I used to dread having to put it down.  Now, I realize that it’s good for me.  It’s probably good for you, too.

Tabbies playing “Eruption” in this space next week.

  1. I will never understand the internet’s fascination with cats,” I say as I watch my 80lb pit bull run in horror from my 30lb spaniel.
  2. As you can see I even got my boots…dusty
  3. I got to declare the games open, which is a huge honor.  I’m glad no one told me this or I would have screwed it all up.
  4. Not entirely true, I did come up with an old school country playlist to play in the background while folks were riding.  Then someone complained that the music was too loud, although it was barely audible, and I killed it.  A partial list of things that can spook horses: Everything.
  5. That sound you hear is hundreds of violin players screaming that I’m full of crap.  But I did say “few other,” not “no other.”
  6. Or until your wrist heals.  Stupid wrist.
  7. But then we may have lost out on the hair fan, and nothing is worth losing the hair fan.

By G. Edward Jones

G. Edward Jones spends his free time trying to convince his wife that a dedicated track car is a good idea.