What Strymon’s Founder is Doing These Days


Strymon’s founder, Terry Burton, left the company recently.  He’s allegedly launching a new guitar/music equipment project any moment now, but in the meantime he’s talking about visual art.

I’m rather conflicted about this, as I wonder if this will impact Strymon in a negative way.  Losing a creative leader is never a good thing.  Everyone has to take on more responsibility, maybe an outsider has to bring too much influence, things can get funky. On the other hand, I really enjoy this.

Forget my selfish concerns for a moment though.  There is no shortage of excitement when smart and creative people drop everything to pursue something new.  It’s something that all of us bums with jobs and not enough savings and too many doubts always dream of.  Moments like these have the potential to lead to amazing creations.  I wish Terry nothing but great luck and happy times.