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The Pocketknife Overdrive Pedal

electro-harmonix od glove
You’ve been slapped by the OD Glove. This is seriously how they are promoting this.

So Electro-Harmonix just pushed out an email to pimp their OD Glove overdrive pedal.  Here’s the pedal in their words:

Rich, overtone laden sound that doesn’t get muddy. Responsive controls that take you from sparkling, clean boost through brown crunch and all the way to thick, saturated hi-gain. Advanced features like Tone Shift and selectable 9 or 18V internal voltage for surgical sound sculpting. The new OD Glove delivers overdrive and distortion with impact, and the modern player in mind.

“The OD Glove is unlike any of the overdrives we offer and great!” – Mike Matthews

And here’s how the thing sounds… 

So, the “modern player” is plugging straight into the board?  Only can have a single overdrive pedal on their board?  Doesn’t really understand what dynamic range is?  Ugh…

EHX sells a lot of pedals, so they will likely sell a lot of the OD Glove.  But I don’t really get why this thing exists.  It’s trying to be an overdrive that gets you like 5+ different sounds.  Basically a “one size fits all” effect.  Not only does that concept not fly today, it never really did.  Think of all the great overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals past and present… they all have a fairly narrow range of what’s universally accepted as a sweet spot.  A single sound that you can tweak to your liking with the controls.

No pedal that has been adored for any length of time fits in the do-it-all model of controls that dramatically alter the sound with small adjustments.  This is the reason that stacking overdrive pedals is so immensely popular.  Or pairing a low-medium gain overdrive with a distorted amp.  People want to be able to fine tune their ideal sound, not shotgun spray in the general direction of one.  And having controls that make such dramatic changes from one end to the other only allow for that shotgun approach.