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From Around The Web 09.23.13

Once again, Daft Paragon spends way too much time on the internet so that you may have a life…

FlyBikes at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Not at all guitar related, but I’ve known Devon and his parents since he was 13, so I’m super psyched on this.

Sarah Longfield demos the new Randal RG13 in a moody black n white befitting a teenager.  It sounds pretty good, actually.

Keeping it solid state, SonicState reciews the Orange Crush CR60C.  It makes me thirsty.

24-7 Spyz are a band that aren’t nearly as big as they should be.  Also, lead guitarist Jimi Hazel is a bald, fat, Black dude so I’ve gots to have some solidarity.  Here’s a lesson  on how to play the lead single for what should have been their breakout album (ok, technically it was the lead single for the EP before that album, but it was on that album, too).

Direct vs. Mic’d recording

Metallica’s new video for Master of Puppets from their new movie, which looks terrible.  I think it would be better just to have a big, over the top concert movie than to try to shoehorn a narrative about, uh, angry, White teenagers in there.  Dear Metallica, you are in your 50s.  Own that.


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