Custom Spray Mods

by | Sep 22, 2013 | Good Finds | 2 comments

I know what you’re saying, “Thanks, G!  I didn’t even know that I wanted to paint a candy, marble pride flag on my front fender, but now I’m going to go do that right now!!!”

For my part, I’m glad to expand your horizons. Also stop being vaguely homophobic, it’s 2013.

Custom Spray Mods is, like seemingly every YouTube channel I write about, based in Australia (and is not to be confused with Mighty Car Mods which is, uh, yeah an Australian YouTube channel).  As the name might suggest CSM is all about teaching you how to modify your car using spray paint (also selling you spray paint).

At this point some of you may be wondering what this has to do with guitar.

You know all of those old guitars that magazines tell you that you should drool over despite the fact that in a lot of cases the technology was decidedly sub par on those things (I’ll sit here and wait for you to properly intonate your three piece Tele bridge)?  Many of those guitars were painted with automotive paints, many of them were painted by automotive paint shops.  This is because painting a guitar uses exactly the same techniques as painting a car.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more into the oiled/stained side of guitars, but I realize that a lot of you do not want to see grain.  For you guys, Custom Spray Mods is exactly what the doctor ordered.  So, while you may never use all of the techniques that went into painting Dave’s helmet:

And you may be thoroughly uninterested in having a pearl, faux tinted chrome anything

At the very least “How to Clean Your Spray Gun” is a good idea for the novice to sit through.

Also, how to get a nice, matte black finish.  Who doesn’t like a nice, matte, black finish? Nobody, that’s who.

Custom Spray Mods might not be for everyone and some of you may prefer a more guitarcentric paint series, but it never hurt someone to get influences from a different genre.  Check out these videos.  You might learn something.