Guitar to USB: Great for Practice, Surprisingly Easy

There are numerous times that I don’t want to plug-in an amp.  The majority of those times, I’m just too damn lazy.  But on other occasions, I might be trying to learn a song and want to listen through headphones while I play along. During these times, I tend to put up with the various […]

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Housekeeping: Stuff for Sale, Moving, Again

My OCD/perfectionism is still keeping me up at night, and this time it lead to moving my products into the blog platform. We’ve been through this before, I made the site, the front page was for the store. I had a blog that looked ugly and wasn’t usable. Then I had a blog that looked […]

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Production Bytes – Because You Have a Computer

If you’re on this site it’s safe to say that you’re a guitarist. If this is true, I would like to congratulate you for using a computer.  Now that you’ve managed to master technology created later than 1950; I want to hip you to Production Bytes.