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New Arcade Fire Song

The Arcade Fire has a new song, and they debuted it on YouTube.  That’s weird, because I always thought the band appealed to people age 30-40, and those people don’t use YouTube as their radio.  But, maybe I’ve completely misjudged their youthful appeal. Beyond that, the band seems to be changing directions, or evolving, depending […]


Goodbye Moog Little Phatty Synth

I’ve never used a synth outside of a music shop, but still love them.  They’re an essential part of the rock sound past and present. So while there are more synths available today than probably ever before, it’s still worth noting that the OG synth maker, Moog, slimmed their line down a bit. No word […]

Books Reviews

Books: How To Build Electric Guitars by Will Kelly

I believe that I own a single issue of Vintage Guitar magazine.  My lack of ownership has less to do with the quality, or lack there of, of said publication and more to do with my attitude towards vintage guitars which can best be described as “nonexistent.” Not reading Vintage Guitar means that I was […]