From Around The Web – 09.09.13

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Gear, Good Finds, Silly

Daft Paragon watches a bunch of videos so you don’t have to waste your time.

Guthrie Govan talks about his latest Charvel prototype.  This guitar is exactly like all of his other Charvel prototypes except with 100% more Floyd Rose.  I have no idea why there is so much interest in this guitar, but I’ve watched every iteration of it as well.  To be fair, though, it is strikingly similar to the guitar that I keep building on Warmoth and failing to justify purchasing. Trivia: I own/tested the first prototype Temol-No for use with non-Ibanez bridges.  You’re welcome, Guthrie.

I must admit that I’m almost completely unfamiliar with Guthrie’s work.  So here’s a concert he performed in Asia.

Also, for no reason, Guthrie Goven always reminds me of Ian Anderson.

Sitting on a park bench

Sitting on a park bench

Meshuggah’s Fredrik Torendal laughs at your “amplifiers.”   Direct recording is the future, children.  THE FUTURE.  The most awesome part of this video?  The guitar he’s playing that you will probably never get to buy.

Speaking of which.

Marten Hagstrom shows off the new Meshuggah M80M signature, which should slot in as cheaper than the original M8M which costs more than the car that you’re driving now.

Speaking of the future, the guys at Rain Computers UK walk you through how to get rid of a ground loop when recording to your PC.

In this video Robert Sutherland Chapman and Lee St. John Anderton show how hard it is to tell high end guitars from low end guitars.  Because guitars are good these days.

And, finally, a film made using stop motion animation and Hot Wheels because “Creativity, etc.”