GAS Gone Bad: Way Huge Ringworm

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Pedals, Reviews


I occasionally use a ring modulator. I usually use it like a really fast tremolo, or some even slow down enough to kinda be a trem. I really have only used a handful of them, so maybe that is the reason for my problem.

My problem is, I bought a Way Huge Ringworm Modulator and I think I hate it.

I can deal with the fact that the waveform selector doesn’t equate with the sounds that actually come out of the thing (to my ears).

I can deal with the fact that it requires an 18v power supply (huge annoyance).
I can deal with the fact that there is seemingly no “unity pitch” that just modulates the waveform without shifting the pitch of the modulations up/down. Well, I can barely deal with that…

I can NOT deal with the fact that it seemingly has the decay of a fuzz with a 30 year old battery.

It’s almost like it takes the input signal and gates the hell out of it.

I’ve never noticed this on another ring modulator pedal before.  It’s insanely annoying and really kills the joy that might come out of the pedal.

Am I missing something? Going to keep playing some more, but this really seems like a bust. Hoping someone out there knows a way to use the ringworm to get some more useful sounds..