Great new fuzz pedals from main.ace.fx

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Site News

We recently launched a new brand and can’t believe it took this long to write about it.  We’re very very proud and excited to announce that Daft Paragon is now a full line dealer for main.ace.fx and their amazing line of hand made fuzz pedals.

If you’re a dedicated Fuzz Box Girl follower, you’ve already seen her demo the Awdrey Gore and FuckFace, but we’re also currently the only people anywhere selling the Ortenzia!

main-ace-fx ortenzia The Ortenzia is another all original design from main.ace.fx and is a real sonofabitch of a fuzz.  It has some less clipped-out distortion tones, but can easily go into all-out insane fuzz.  And the design on the pedal?  Oh my it is twisted!  But in a very pleasing fashion.  Did I mention there is a fuzz “mode” switch?  I know I did not, but that is the mini-toggle you see.  Almost like two pedals in one.

I am assuming that James over at main.ace.fx is an Edward Gorey fan based on all the artwork, the names, etc.  And it seems to show in the pedal designs as well.  Absurd, insane, but visually and audibly very enjoyable.  Everything seems to be done right, all pedals have extremely usable ranges of sounds.  So often I feel tempted to put fuzz pedals into my “noise” category, but not here.  These are pure fuzz sounds, and they are a feast for the ears.