Kinda takes the fun out of it

I really like pedals and guitar stuff in general. I get really excited when I find a new thing that does something slightly different from whatever I already have. Fireworks go off in my brain when I find something that is completely different from what I already know/have.  But I’m finding it’s a little tough after turning this obsession into a business.

For example, I see a new phaser pedal.  I don’t have a phaser on my pedal board right now.

OHHHH This one lets you select between 2 or 6 stages of phasing, I don’t know another phaser that will do that!

And the typical G.A.S. feelings set in.  Excitement swells.  You read the manual, watch the youtube clips, go find a store that has one AND has a guitar/amp setup you can compare to yours at home.  This is it!  This is the pedal that will finally complete your sound.  Bingo!

But then the other half of my brain interrupts.

What is the rest of their product lineup like?  Are these prices competitive with other pedals of this type?  Do they have minimum orders?  Bill net 30?  What’s their warranty like?

It’s suddenly turned into a business transaction.  I can’t just get something for fun anymore.  I’ve even gone as far as questioning whether people will take demo clips seriously if I buy a particular amp or have a certain type of patch cables.  It’s madness!  But I don’t know how to separate.

This must be a bridge that everyone who attempts to do what they love as a job crosses at some point, right?