Does this sound like you?

You’re excited by the thought of a vintage analog delay.

You dream of owning a unit made in the 70′s, wired by a guy named Frank or Gus.  He held his soldering iron with cigarette-stained fingers.  There’s a can of Old Style dripping sweat on the corner of his workstation.  This thing may have been used to create some of the greatest music in rock history.

Then you plug it in.

It sounds like burnt toast.

The world of bucket brigades, in all it’s low-passed glory, can be a dark place.  Too dark for many.

Surely, there are times when that sound is just right.  But many times that warm/natural repeat sound gets overwhelmed by a murky, low frequency mess.  It can be difficult to understand what the effect is doing for the untrained ear.

The solution?  Digital.

The Catalinbread Montavillian gets all that analog warmth that people crave; but with full frequency, crystal clear echoes.

Want to get the murky sound of the past?  Turn up the Cut knob and get as much of that “Gus with an Old Style” tone as you can handle.

You think your slapback sound should slap you in the face?  Cut down all the way to the left.  Want a long delay with lots of repeats that fades off like soggy cereal?  Cut to the right.

Does this sound more like the dream you had?  Give the Montavillian Echo a shot.

Get it from Amazon – Catalinbread Montavillian Echo Delay Pedal Mark II