The internet is booming with a study from Scientific Reports saying that modern music all sounds the same.  They looked at pitch distribution, timbre distribution, and dynamic range.  The conclusion was that there is less variance in each area over time.  Basically, everything in the last 10 or so years is really loud, is loud all the time, is all written in the same small set of keys.

Hopefully sometime soon they will make an Auto-Tune device that offers more variety of keys on the preset knob.  As for everything being loud, can we give Phil Spector another 20 years in jail for this?  I blame his “Wall of Sound” for the lack of dynamics in music today.

In seriousness, this is no shock.  Musicians and music fans alike have noted this with greater regularity for some time – and not just older generations (the typical “kids these days” type arguments do not apply).  The “classic rock” genre will die with the post-grunge era, as there is no memorable mainstream music since.  The industry has become so commoditized toward spitting out these “macro-niche” artists (I made that word up) to make a profit on a single that can be seamlessly injected into the top 40 spectrum without anyone realizing it’s a new artist/song.  It’s almost like the industry is built around tricking people into listening to music rather than trying to distribute something that is legitimately enjoyed by anyone.