Recently on their Facebook page, Catalinbread has been dropping hints of a new pedal release.  This coincided with a poll about color preference for a pedal called the Sorcerer of Exmoor (apparently an overdrive pedal of sorts, based on the knobs).  However, they’ve made some posts to indicate the new mystery pedal is something other than the Sorcerer one they showed images of.  So what could it be?  Looking at their lineup, they’ve gone very heavy on overdrive/fuzz lately.  While this trend may sure continue, it seems there are some opportunities to add modulation or delay pedals.  In fact, the Montavillian Echo is the only delay currently in their product line, so another one that maybe does longer delay times or integrates other effects might be an interesting addition.

We’ll keep watching the social wires to see what this new effect is.  No matter what, I’m sure it will be great!