Not all that long ago, I launched a site called, and now it’s gone. What the fuck? Well here’s the deal… I started a business called Daft Paragon, LLC. I wanted a structure where I had this main company that hosted smaller stores under it. was the first attempt at this. After some time, I planned to open a guitar store in the 3-D world with the Daft Paragon name.

The end game is still the plan, but the route is changing slightly. The whole deal with the small niche stores under the umbrella brand is okay, but the EffectsStore brand lacked any sort of personality. It’s a super fun concept, but just was missing a certain amount of charm. And, doing the numerous web-properties is quickly becoming an archaic practice for SEO purposes.

So, here’s Daft Paragon. As a name, it’s kinda perfect as a metaphor of sorts for the entire existence of a musician. At least, to me it is.

Wondering how the goofy name came about? Maybe it’s hip to have a weird name for your website and never explain it. I’m not going to pretend I am hip. I’m not even going to try and make this story hip. It’s a name I gave my recording space in high school. When I upgraded to a sweet Tascam 4 track (cassette!) I decided my space needed to be treated like a real studio. And when I was 16, that pretty much meant giving it a name. I don’t recall quite how I came up with the name, but there was about a week where I was really into Daft Punk in like ’97. Either way, Daft Paragon was what the poorly made sign on the door read. Lots of spectacular noise came out of that room. I guess I’m trying to recapture that innocence of really not knowing what you’re doing but having a lot of purpose.