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Good news! New brands coming very very soon!

Within the next day or so, our store will start carrying some new brands.  We’ll have products from Red Witch, Way Huge and a couple others.  This is quite exciting!  Look for products to be live by Saturday.

  • Rodney

    Matt right, but I couldn’t fuirge out how to type only half of a ‘6 , in order to make the joke work. Which is what it’s all about. heheheAnd ya, I was stoked how well the Fatboost stood up as well. Supply and demand is kind of weird, because at original retail cost, the Tim is actually a better value because it’s two pedals in one, and costs $169, whereas the Fatboost when it first came out, was around $149. But now, the Tim used is upwards of $230, and the Fatboost used has dropped to $60. So, good for us!! haha And it’s not about unlimited funds, it’s just about how much you’re willing to carry on credit cards. Sal me too, actually!Cam ya, that’s one of the reasons I like the version 1 the best. Has much more of its own’ sound, to my humble ears. And we’ll see I still dig how the Tim sounds I’ll probably do a couple live tests with just the Fatboost as my drive instead of my boost, and see how that goes.Rhoy lol Well, so did I. hehe And the Gainster is on Ebay not sure if that’s what you meant by sending me your mailing address hehe Ben G ya, that was surprising. The Tim can actually get pretty gainy, especially with the boost side engaged. I still think it’s one of the best pedals out there.