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Effects Talk – Catalinbread WIIO Overdrive

This is the first part of an ongoing series of sorts where we’ll chat about specific effects pedals, or something related in some sort of way. ┬áThis episode is about the Catalinbread WIIO overdrive.

  • Shinichi

    well thats a shame, The current Eternity is the Fuse and seems to be a lttile more tweakable than the Kanji. A bit of a warning though, they aren’t pedals that are designed to give you a broad range of sounds. Which is my personal taste, i’d rather have three pedals that do there individual jobs extremely well, rather than one pedal that does three jobs mediocre-ly. The eternity is fairly transparent but has a pretty unique sound. its extremely warm and woody with no mid hump whatsoever. The dials give you varying degrees of That sound, the tone knob merely adds clarity to the distinct clipping. anyway, I have fan-boyed it enough. They are fairly inexpensive and readily available. They are also the cliche worship guitarist pedal, so everyone needs one. i’ll be praying that your next experience with one is as magical as mine was.