NAMM 2012

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from NAMM.  My knee still hurts from walking/jogging way more miles than I care to remember (note – don’t decide to jog home from an after-party that included a keg of homebrew, it’s a dangerous move).  No surprise, I had an absolute blast.

Some random highlights:

– Got in to the Suhr factory grand opening event.  Very nice facilities, John Suhr (of course) was there along with folks like Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Peter Thorn and probably some other Suhr artists I didn’t recognize.  There were like 30-40 total people there, so it made me feel important to be one of them.  Oh yeah, their guitars are really really nice, but that’s nothing new.

– Had a brief but successful chat with Catalinbread where they said they’d be happy to have me sell their pedals.  I even put in an order.  They rock.  Also got good answers from T-Rex and G-Lab.  Found a few good distributors to handle anyone else I should need.  Strymon wasn’t there, so I’ll keep stalking them…

– I was once again reminded that it was the right decision to NOT date strippers/porn stars.  For all the hype that goes to the girls brought in by Dean, Schecter, Playboy Guitars, Coffin Case, etc… they are downright scary in most instances.

– Got a lot of stickers to cover my Anderson.  Cut to the folks at gearpage calling me a moron.

– Went to Portillo’s with a bigshot from Seymour Duncan (and former Jemsiter) along with my old/good friend from Tremol-No and some buddies I’ve known online for ages but never in person.  Why is there a Portillo’s in southern California?  Who knows, but it’s still delicious.  Sat at the table next to none other than Rich Lasner.

– While pushing through a crowd, I almost smacked right into some little guy.  Turned out to be Bono.

– I watched a right-handed guy perform some neo-classical mess on a left-handed guitar (turned upside-down) flawlessly.  I resisted the urge to stab him in the face afterward.

Very much looking forward to the 2013 show!