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Reviewed: Monark Pedalboards Mainframe

Reviewed: Monark Pedalboards Mainframe

About two years ago, we did a preliminary inspection of a rather neat and highly engineered take on the pedalboard.…
Review: Modern Sound Amplifiers "Vibrolush"

Review: Modern Sound Amplifiers "Vibrolush"

60 years from now, I don’t think any guitarists out there will be swooning over a 2015 Blackstar or Peavey amplifier the…

The Strymon Mobius Rabbit Hole

Technology is great, but we can easily become trapped in an endless maze of possibilities that it creates.  This is…

PedalGenie - Finally, a Modern Take on the Gear Shop

This is how you buy pedals: Way #1 – Go to the local guitar store, where they have 30-50 pedals…

Tested: Source Audio Orbital Modulator

You want a flanger for your pedal board, right?  And a phaser too, right?  Crap… Well, two new pedals isn’t…

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Do You Need an End Game?

I quit my job in March of 2015 and started working for myself as a freelance marketing consultant. That’s relevant…

Smelly Guitars, Shady Deals & More

It’s time for some short random thoughts and amusing findings from the internet…  (more…)
The David Bowie Memorial Playlist

The David Bowie Memorial Playlist

I don’t have a pre-written memorial for Bowie. I don’t have any personal stories that would be interesting to anyone…

GE & Jay Complain About Innovation and Bad Gear Reviews

Everyone is away from the office so distraction levels are running high. Time for another email exchange that is waaaay…

Our Christmas Wishlist - 2015 Edition

It’s the end of yet another year, and credit cards continue to be maxed out all over the country as…
A Short Farewell to Scott Weiland

A Short Farewell to Scott Weiland

Since you’re on the internet, you’re most certainly aware Scott Weiland died yesterday. Like too many musicians, he was younger…