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Weird Gear – Christopher Cross-Owned Tom Anderson

Christopher Cross is a talented guitar player who has had some moments over the years as a songwriter. If you're middle-aged or beyond, you probably know the song Sailing, but likely couldn't name the artist. And the guitar playing? You've got to be paying attention. It's rarely if ever in your face. There's even times when it's been downright buried...

Strymon El Capistan Overlay is Done

Previously I did an overlay for the Strymon Deco, because it's hard to remember how to use it without a manual. The El Capistan has a similar problem. It's kind of worse in that based on the tape head option you select, the mode does something different. I suppose some people could memorize all this, but I'm not those people. The one I did is green. I had to do a solid color because there's no...

The Exhaustive List of Good Applications for Pickup Rings

Hollow body guitars. That's all folks! I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a guitar that was gorgeous, EXCEPT, they drilled 8 (or more!) pointless holes into the top just for the sake of some cheap piece of plastic that makes mounting pickups 5% easier. Builders that charge you THOUSANDS of dollars for "10 tops" or "Private Stock" or whatever other name they are throwing out these...

Strymon Deco Secondary Functions: Making Them Easier to Remember

update: if you want me to print one of these and send it to you, they are available here: The Strymon Deco is one of my favorite pedals that anyone has ever made. The Tape Saturation side makes a lovely warm boost and overdrive. The...

Green Meanie!

If you're remotely cool, you have no idea what the Green Meanie is. If you're a super guitar dork, you know exactly what it is. Should you be unfamiliar, the best encapsulation can be found here: It's a guitar everyone has a slightly...

Trying to Make My Perfect Guitar

My favorite guitar for over 20 years has been my Tom Anderson Classic. I got it from a friend who really should never have sold it. It's been through a lot with me and has been tweaked and whatnot to fit whatever whims I've had along the way. But the essence of it, as a super well built strat that plays like a video game on "easy" mode has remained. It's not perfect, however. I've painted it a...

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