Stew Made Guitars

The funny thing about a giant, multi-national corporation that watches your every move, selling as much of your personal information as it can while claiming to not “be evil” is that they think they know you.  They don’t know me!!!! But every so often they will drop some awesome suggestions my way.

I’m not sure if David Stewart’s (not this guy) StewMade guitars are a going concern.  His YouTube channel hasn’t been updated in eight months, his blog was last touched in 2009 and his other website appears pretty static. Apparently he has a Facebook page, but I already have one evil corporation trying to mine my life for profit without cutting me in on it, so, you know.

Stewart isn’t the first to make sculptures-as-guitars, but I think some of his stuff looks more fun than a lot of the overly ornate axes out there.  I mean, come on, the orange crate guitar is possibly the coolest semi-hollow Telecaster I’ve ever seen.  You’ve also got to love a guy who’s obsessed with rust and Frank Zappa’s Jimi Hendrix Strat.

There’s plenty of awesome looking guitars on Dave’s YouTube page (one made out of flooring, a couple of influenced by old boats guitars, just some fun stuff).  The worst thing about it is, now I want to build a guitar again.

DAMN YOU DAVE STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not from the Eurythmics)

  • Thanks for the review. Yes, I am obsessed with rust, hahaha.