New Stuff - Victory Amps. How many watts?

victory amps
You might say it could be, none more black

So Victory Amps just launched.  Another entry to the crowded market of high gain and high wattage tube amps.  They’re not in the states yet, but probably will get here one day soon.  What makes them different?  Well, on the surface it’s a two channel tube amp with a lot of gain from the pre-amp section.  That’s not new.  They have a boost option on the lead channel, which isn’t entirely new, but a really nice option.  The big one has a 30W mode, which helps.  Gutrhie Govan uses them, which the kids will appreciate.  The big boy, the Duke, retails for $3,200 in current US dollars.  Ouch.

I know, I’m not doing a good job selling these things.  In fairness, they look like nice amps.  By all accounts, they’re made quite nicely.  The sound isn’t for me, but it seems like for that kind of player, the tone will make you happy.

Here’s the thing, do we really need to keep making 100W tube amps?  Hasn’t everyone realize how absurd that is?  Who is out there still playing stadium shows where you don’t have your amp mic’d and into the PA?  Who out there really needs to use this thing in anything but the 30W mode?

I know, I’m not a professional musician, but of all of them I know, none of them are actually using that much firepower live unless they have a serious deaf wish1.  Am I missing something?  Is anyone out there still playing shows where a 100W amp is necessary?  Let me know, tell me I’m an idiot.  I can’t make sense of this, so I’m hoping someone else can.

  1. See what I did there? Feel free to use that one.
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  • Sal

    But these have Power, Tone AND Versatility. In my band I need 120 watts to get a little extra crunch. As an aside, where can I get skinny jeans like the guy in the video?