Beck’s Songreader Contest Comes to a Close


Just under a year ago, Beck released his “Song Reader” album, which really isn’t an album at all, but instead a collection of sheet music meant to be interpreted and performed by fans.  It’s the next mainstream evolution of crowdsourced music, after NIN’s Remix project.

While the Trent Reznor deal is really neat, and very fitting of his music, the Beck project seems far more deeply artistic.  While he’s providing the words and notes, there is a ton left to interpretation.  Many of the songs are performed very much in the contributor’s style, not as some Beck tribute act.

After playing a concert of the songs just the other day, it appears the project has gained some additional momentum and there looks to be a lot of new contributions from fans.  It looks like there is around 180 submissions currently available, but several have been added recently with the contest wrapping up.

While the contest was supposed to end over a week ago, it appears the winner is not being made public.  Until that happens, go to and check out the contributions.